Trustee Services and Family Office

Trusteeships Services and Family Office

Independent trustee services

We act as trustees for many of our clients’ trusts. We may be appointed as individual trustees, or via our trust company, Sentrust Trustees Limited.  We can also assist with the establishment, management and administration of private trust companies.

We can help with:

  • day to day trust administration and annual reviews; 

  • record keeping and collation of material for financial statements, tax returns and IRD disclosures;

  • meeting disclosure and record keeping obligations under the Trusts Act; 

  • compliance and regulatory reporting, including FATCA and CRS; and

  • access to custodial services.

Family Office Services

We can help with the establishment of a family office and coordinate and develop a holistic solution to your family’s needs. We can act as the primary point of contact with the family and:

  • coordinate a team of advisers and professionals to ensure that all regulatory, tax and reporting obligations are met and that any transactions are completed efficiently; 

  • manage and administer the family’s investment, wealth and charitable structures;

  • ensure that appropriate reporting and governance structures are in place;

  • assist with the adoption and implementation of the family’s wealth management strategy, including liaising with the family’s wealth managers and investment advisers and provide consolidated reporting to the family; and

  • ensure that individual family members’ estate planning, personal asset structures, wills and prenuptial/contracting out agreements are synchronised with the family’s overall objectives, governance and succession planning.

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